2017 Goals

Posted by Rebecca Tiano on Jan 8th 2017

Dear Friends,

I have to be honest, not much happened to me, art-wise, in 2016. I allowed my personal life to take over my creative passion. There was no focus, and I am the only one to blame. However, this makes me motivated, and I want to do more in 2017. I have finally produced a list of goals for 2017.

  • Self-awareness. I want to be self-aware of what inspires me, and acknowledge it. Sometimes if you don’t take a moment to reflect the inspiration that presents itself, you cannot become aware of the exact goal you want to achieve or the direction to travel. I want to accept what inspires me, and live life to the fullest.
  • Don’t get caught up with time. There has been many times I have made plans, and tried to produce deadlines to accomplish these plans. It is nice to have goals, but I know my personal work always turns out better if I just go with the flow. However, being lazy is not going with the flow, and I will make sure I am working hard while achieving goals.
  • Reflection after each month. Each month, I want to reflect my accomplishments, even if there hasn't been tons. I will acknowledge the positive, and use that to achieve more the following month.
  • Create more. I believe in my creative mind, and I want to create more art than I have in the past few years. My mind is a waste if I don’t create.
  • Happiness. I don’t need to be successful to be happy. I choose to look forward to the future, and let go of the past. True happiness can lead to more creative adventures.

2016 is not the person I want to be. Only I can make the changes to make myself truly happy. I can either sit on my butt, or work at what I want to become. Through completion of goals, I believe I can become a better artist who can also inspire others to create. Life is short. Therefore, I plan on living my life to the fullest, and choosing happiness.

Hope you live life to the fullest, and find what inspires you!

Best Regards,

Rebecca Tiano

An old photo of my Mr. Mac posing with one of his oil paintings I created. Mr. Mac always inspires me!