"Macaboy's Barking Adventures"


Thank you for visiting! Macaboy's Barking Adventures is a collection of artwork, and social media that has been dedicated to my beloved pet, Macaboy.


About Macaboy

Macaboy was born March 11, 2022. May 6, 2022 (Mother's Day Weekend) was his "Gotcha Day." He was named Macaboy after our dog, Mr. Mac, who past on April 4, 2022. One of my husband's nicknames for Mr. Mac was "Mac-A-Boy," because his name was Mac and he was a boy. I wanted the memory of Mr. Mac to be honored somehow in our puppy's name. Therefore, that is how our puppy became Macaboy.

Macaboy is very sweet, and wants to be friends with every person or pet he meets. He has two cat siblings, Wilma and Freddy, that make appearances on his social media. In addition, he loves cuddles, playing with toys, and is my shadow around the house. He enjoys keeping me company while I work on paintings. 


Please e-mail us at Macaboy2022@yahoo.com for social media collabs.

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 We are hoping to make you smile with Macaboy's social media, and my artwork of him below.