Question: What type of paints do you use? What do you paint on?

Answer: I use oil paints on stretched canvas. If I use something other then oil paints on an original artwork, it will be listed.


Question: How long will it take to finish a custom painting order?

Answer: It will depend on size and content, but paintings usually take 3-8 weeks. Please allow possibly 12 weeks for 20”x24” with multiply subjects and background.


Question: Does it matter if the photo references are not digital for a custom order? 

Answer: No. The photos can be sent in the mail too! Digital photos are preferred, but not required. Please, e-mail me at info@rebeccatianoonline.com to request the address you can mail your photos.


Question: How long does it take for your paintings to dry?

Answer: Depends on the size and colors used, but it can take anything from 2-5 days. Oil paints are slow drying paints.


Question: Will you paint a person in a custom painting? 

Answer: Yes, I will paint a person by request only. Prices many differ from listed prices though.


Question: Will you paint anything requested?

Answer: Yes, I will do my best to paint anything you like. Please, e-mail me at info@rebeccatianoonline.com for specific special requests.


Question: Can I still order a custom painting if I need a painting finished before three weeks?

Answer: It may be possible, but please e-mail me for exact answer. I may suggest purchasing a gift certificate instead.


Question: What does it mean that you reserve copyrights of a painting purchased?

Answer: It means I have the right to use the image of the painting in any way I decide. In addition, it means you can't sell the image's rights to another party or use it for commercial use without my permission.


Question: What do you mean by a background?

Answer: It means any background that has either an image, abstraction, or more then one color in it. If you order no background, you still get to choose the one color you want in the background.


Question: I have a few pets, but don't have them in one photo together. Can you use more then one photo to combine my pets together in a custom order?

Answer: Yes, I can use multiple photos to create what you have in mind. If you need to send me additional photos, please e-mail them to info@rebeccatianoonline.com


Question: I can't decide on a photo. Can you help me decide which one is the best photo?

Answer: Yes! Feel free to send me multiple photos, and I will tell you which one I think is the best one to work from. Please, e-mail me the multiply photos at info@rebeccatianoonline.com.


Question: How can I tell what photo is considered good for you to use and which one is bad? 

Answer: In general no photo is 100% bad. However, the more detail in the photo, the better the painting will turn out. If you are not sure about a photo, I can help you decide on which photo to use as a reference.


Question: How long will it take to get my custom order?

Answer: There is 3-12 weeks turnaround time for all custom paintings. Turnaround time depends on content and size. The estimated time, your custom painting will take to arrive at your home will include turnaround time, and USPS estimated shipping time. Ground shipping can take between 2-8 business days (Please, keep in mind that there may be delays in shipping due to the pandemic. Artist is not responsible for shipping delays caused by USPS.)

If your item is not a custom order, it will take 2-3 business days to process, plus the USPS estimated shipping time.